Our approach is holistic

At Ideahack, we specialize in creating meaningful brand experiences for our customers by incorporating beautiful form and powerful function with a strong understanding of your goals and vision.

Our diverse toolbox of strategic minds and skillful hands craft digital solutions that directly address the key challenges facing your business. The result is smart, beautiful, and measurable.

How it works.

We break your business problem down into four design lenses. Each lens has its own approaches and solutions to a problem. Depending on your objectives, we help you determine and execute the solution which maximizes cost effectiveness, ensures feasibility, and minimizes timeline.

See below for a more detailed explanation.

"Good design is good business"
Thomas Watson Jr.
Founder of IBM

The four lenses.

Engineering Design

Engineering design involves optimizing your existing product or service to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure that it does what you intend it to do

  • Site optimization
  • Responsive web design
  • E-commerce
  • Content management systems
  • iOS and Android App Development
  • Security

Engineering design is how things are put together. Our developers are experts in figuring out elegant technical solutions to your business problems. Good developers, however, are not enough. It's our holistic approach that lets us identify what your real problems are, and provide a sustainable, optimized solution.

Why hire an agency or developer to do 200 hours of work when the solution may only require 30?

Product Design

Product design ensures that customer's experience with the product is as smooth, simple and enjoyable as possible.

  • UX Design & Architecture
  • UI Design
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Ideation
  • A/B Testing
Product Design is about investigating what a customer experiences when they interact with a product and/or service, and ensuring the process occurs as intended from both the customer's needs perspective as well as the original product design perspective. This includes from the first point of contact through to the desired action such as purchase and use. We will look to see if there is a breakdown in the customer experience and if it can be better refined or needs to be reimagined altogether.

Brand Design

Brand design ensures that customer perception of the company and its visual language matches what is intended by the business.

  • Internal Engagement
  • Industry Research
  • Stakeholder Research
  • Visual Systems
  • Packaging
  • Creative copy
  • Video Production

The word 'brand' gets tossed around and flipped upside down as if it were a ground 'beef' meat patty on a flaming grill - you don't really know what's in it or when it's done right, but what the hell, it's all the same in the end, right? Wrong.

For us, Brand Design is simple and clear. Does your customer perceive your brand as you intended? If it's a yes, keep doing what you're doing - you don't really need us. If it's a no or a maybe, that's where we come in to see where the breakdown occurs and how we can intervene or completely redesign your brand. This is where our multifaceted design team loves to be challenged and push the boundaries on what's possible.

Operations Design

Operation design is the design of people systems, business units, and processes that ensure corporate objectives are met.

  • People Systems
  • E-Process Design
  • Business Analysis

We like to be able to see the big picture, and understanding how your business operates is key to the work we produce. In Operation Design, we look to see how we can augment your existing operations with what we want to build. Although you often know how to run your operation best, we naturally uncover opportunities for improvement through design and shed light on blind spots that were previously undistinguished. In particular, we have an aptitude for human based problems related to operations as we spend a fair amount of our time understanding and designing for people.

We also have a not so secret passion for internal communication and personnel development.

Business Design.

Business design is the culmination of looking at a problem using our four design lenses to create integrative solutions that drive results.

Traditional design firms treat design as a task. At ideahack, we believe this is the wrong approach. In our philosophy, design is not a task but a way of thinking that unearths new, creative solutions for all kinds of problems.