PMC Sierra

Streamlining Communications

The Problem

In large multinational organizations, internal communications is vital to the successful operation of a company. Employees and stakeholders across the company need to be informed of what's going on within the company and outside in the marketplace. These people also need quick and easy access to relevant materials when they are going to be out in the public representing the brand.

The marketing and communications department at PMC Sierra had 35 offices and thousands of employees around the world that it needed to be able to communicate with on a regular basis. This included providing access to marketing and communication materials and keeping people up to date on the latest news and events. The existing intranet site was outdated, and users were having considerable difficulty finding the material they were looking for. As a result, there were numerous redundant requests that ended up having to be managed by individual personnel rather than being easily accessible in a central repository. The systems was inefficient and was causing delays in getting people what they needed.

The Solution

Ideahack worked closely with the Marketing and Communications team to create a new, more effective intranet site built from the ground up that streamlined the content and made it easy to access. For any questions that could not be answered through the site, we built in a knowledge-based system to capture these inquiries and allow Marcom to respond. The relevant questions and solutions would then be made accessible to other people in the organization.

The Result

The new Marcom intranet site helped people across the company save precious time by enabling them to find what they needed more quickly. Marcom employees also reduced the amount of time they spent responding to redundant requests and could use that time for more productive tasks.


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