RDH - Making Buildings Better

Turning the company's vision into reality

How do we build a digital space that aligns with the company vision and drives inbound traffic?

RDH Building Solutions are experts when it comes to 'making buildings better'. To help them reinvent their digital presence they engaged Ideahack in collaboration with Ion Design to help bring their vision to life.

The Challenge

RDH was looking for a way to increase inbound traffic and both increase and improve their brand presence on the web. The company had previously worked together with Ion Design to develop a strategy for their new digital space. The pair then challenged the Ideahack team to provide feedback and help make this concept a reality while ensuring that all technical aspects were accounted for.

The Solution

Our team took a step back to analyze the big picture before zooming in to look for opportunities that would have the biggest impact. We identified a few key areas where we could take the RDH vision even further and dove in head first to help deliver a digital space that would be more than just another website.

1. Develop and implement a streamlined mobile strategy

Ion Design and RDH had their website strategy but they needed a solid mobile strategy to match. Our team helped the company create a streamlined mobile solution that enabled users to seamlessly transition between the RDH desktop site and the fully redesigned mobile responsive site. We designed the site with the user as our center point and the result was a mobile space that boldly carried the RDH vision through each of their digital channels.

2. Create a way to dynamically display website content

Ion and RDH had the vision for what they wanted the site content to include but it was up to the Ideahack to team to turn that vision into a reality. Our approach included strong attention to detail on every page. Even on normally standard profile pages we created a space to dynamically change views without sacrificing content quality. The result was a new way of displaying profile content with increased responsiveness without compromising on CMS capabilities.

3. Build an interactive online learning space

Along with building out RDH's vision into a fully functioning digital space, the team was challenged to integrate an online learning platform into the site with the goal of using leadership articles to establish a content marketing strategy and support inbound marketing efforts. We created a highly responsive, searchable database that could be easily accessed on mobile or desktop and embodied the RDH vision.

The Result

The RDH digital space has been completely transformed to embody the vision and strategic goals of the company. The fully responsive learning platform and streamlined mobile experience have helped the company communicate their expertise and drastically improve their inbound traffic. A fully responsive website with a bold design serves to highlight the company's presence as a market leader in the building services industry.


"Ideahack was great at coming forward with simple solutions to complex problems. Whether it was understanding the best way to lay out a page, or developing a unique programming solution to meet our specific needs, Cole, Vince and the team communicated clearly every step of the way. What we ended up with is a cohesive, responsive website that our company, and most importantly our clients, love. A large part of that success is the amount care and effort put in by the team into understanding us and our business before typing a single line of code."

- Andrew Mattock, RDH Marketing

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